Tuesday, May 24, 2016

a school cafe lunch date

We got to have lunch with the special guy today.

He asked us to come have lunch with him and told us he eats at 12:20pm.  Well I thought I'd check his teachers website just to be sure, and it said his lunch is at 11:55.  Gary and I met at the school with Bush's chicken at 11:45.  (Hayden said he was feeling like chicken...lol)  

Wellllll.....guess who was correct.  Our neighbor works at the school and she saw us sitting at the parent table.  She mentioned that half way through the year the lunch schedule changes.  hahahaha!!  You know what?  It was ok.  It was so fun to sit in an elementary school cafe and tell stories about school lunches of ours.  We had a nice little break and even saw a few kiddos we know.  It was God's way of telling us to slow down and just enjoy the moment.  Even if it was in a loud cafeteria.

As the clock struck 12;20 guess who giggled and laughed and said, "told you so!"   His little face was so cute as he entered the cafe doors.  He ran-walked up to the parents table and sat right down so happy to have us there.  He scarfed down 2 rolls and several pieces of chicken.  He pointed out his friends and where he usually sits.   He gave us the scoop on how many servings of tater tots you can get away with eating.  

Oh that boy is just such a good little man and so full of sweetness.  He has a friend who gets food sent home from the school with him every weekend.  He was so carefree as he told us the story.  It sorta broke my heart, but Hayden doesn't care and the little boy doesn't care either.  We all need to take some tips from pure hearted kiddos.  God love them all!!

I'm thankful for my soon to be carefree 3rd grade little man!

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