Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016


We celebrated my first Mother's Day back in Texas.

I had a great day with my people.  They spoiled me all day long.

We all cracked up laughing when we set up the timer for this picture.  Lily licked Hayden right on his face.   I couldn't find the selfie stick so we did the best we could with the auto-timer on my iPhone.  The family is so sweet to let me get pictures.  I asked for a family shot and they totally knew it was coming!  I've got them trained right! ;)

All  I wanted for lunch was Chicken Parmesean.  

Gary decided on Carino's, back where Gary and I worked once upon a time.  We splurged on Italian nachos, a salad, entree and a tiny dessert.  The dessert shocked me. It said mini, but it was really mini.  I got a tiny square of cheesecake and I was not impressed by it's size.  I saved my chicken parm to take home and finish for dinner.  I purposefully only ate a little so I could have room for dessert, but the dessert was definately different since we worked at Carinos. Kindof a bummer, that they were out of TIRAMISU. What in the world??

Gary got chicken picata and the kids got pizza dippers.

After our lunch they took me to HEB and let me pick out a hanging basket for my back patio.  I'm easy to please.  Anddddd since the cheesecake I ordered was so tiny we ended up getting another whole cake. LOL!  oink.  It was just a little frozen turtle cheesecake, but we all had more dessert and laid around full for the rest of the day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite moms!!

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