Wednesday, May 25, 2016

she's a new picker

This is exactly what I posted on Instagram today,

"I'm so incredibly proud of this girl and I've never wanted to rush out and buy a classical guitar as much as I do right now.  Wow!  This recital was just perfect and these kiddos are all super talented.  Also, I had that teary eyed proud mom feeling especially when she sang.  I'm such a sap."

The last 6 weeks of 5th grade the intermediate school kids get to take guitar lessons in music class.  Layla has been curious about guitar for years and she has done amazing learning and wants to stick with lessons.

Today us parents were invited to a recital during the school day.  They put on a nice show for us and played and even sang several songs and then ended with the 6th grade orchestra joining for the last few songs.  It was an awesome recital and their music teacher has done some wonderful instruction.  What a talented bunch!  

Layla saw the pictures of herself and said, "Gosh, I'm glad I didn't wear a dress with my legs all sprawled out, but that is how I'm supposed to sit with proper posture."  I'm proud of my guitar playing soon to be 6th grader.

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