Monday, July 25, 2016

Hayden is 8!

This sweet man is 8 today.

We went to Roadhouse last night to celebrate with a steak dinner.  He ordered steak and potatoes.

Saturday we celebrated at the lake on the boat.  He was so excited to splash in the water and ride in the boat.  We had a fun day at Lake Waco.

Gosh, this little man is just the sweetest most caring guy I know.  I'm so proud to be his mother.

I feel so bad for him lately.  His eczema has been bothering him since we moved back to Texas.  I was hoping by now he'd have outgrown this skin issue, but so far he is still struggling.  He loves to swim, but the water drives him crazy and dries his already dry skin.

We are on day 7 of being Red dye free.  We are hoping he'll see a difference, but so far he still has itchy red spots.  He scratches all the time.  I'm forever getting unsolicited advice from friends, family and strangers and nothing has worked so far.  When I mean we have tried everything, we have tried everything we can in the last 7 years of his life. He has a positive attitude and thinks he will be free from itchy skin in 3rd or 4th grade.  Gosh, I hope he's right.

He doesn't really let his itchy skin get him down.  He's a fast runner and a baseball lover.  He spent all day playing with Legos.  He bought a set with 664 pieces and he's been building like crazy today. 

 He still enjoys Minecraft and loves all his Nerf guns.  He asked for chocolate cake with white icing for his birthday cake and my mom made cupcakes for him last weekend.  They are all gone so I made him monkey bread this morning with 8 candles.  It was a wonderful birthday treat!

Happy Happy Day Hayden Cole!

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