Friday, July 8, 2016

cat watching

This silly group makes me giggle.

  The dogs love this front room in our house.  They love to gaze out the windows and heck, so do I!  I love having my morning coffee in my polka dot chair.  I get to see all kinds of wildlife even though we live in the city.  

I took this picture with my phone, in a hurry.  It is rare that I get all four in one place at the same time.  The dogs spotted a cat sitting in our shrubs.  Silly cat.  Goodness, the dogs were whining and barking and losing it over that cat.  The kids stopped what they were doing to find out what the fuss was and that is when they all decided to stare down the cat.  The neighborhood cat didn't mind and it just gazed back at them through the window.

Oh what a group these four are!  We are enjoying our summer that's for sure!

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