Sunday, September 24, 2017

soaking the itchies away

Hayden is enjoying a Sunday evening soak.  He's soaking away the rough patches of dry, red and flaky skin that makes him itchy every single day.

I think he may be my hero right now.  Every single day for the past year he has struggled with allergies.  Allergies for him don't cause him the sniffles or coughing.  His allergies come out through his skin.  It's a daily battle and Gary and I feel like someday all he will remember is us staying, "Stop scratching, put on some lotion."  He is amazing.  He takes it all in stride.  He knows his triggers, grass, trees and dust.  He asks to stay in a recess if the school lawn guys are mowing.  He's just such a good boy and not only do we pray for him every day, he prays for himself.  He is a prayer and he knows this is a season.  Eczema isn't forever.  It is a chapter in his life and he will outgrow it some day and until then we will fight and stay away from his triggers.

And baths are the plus!  After much fear, I talked him into a bath and he enjoys soothing in the water.  Finally!

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