Thursday, April 23, 2009

Double Vision

Hayden thought he was seeing double when he woke up from his nap this morning. One of LK's friends came over to play. The girls are great friends and have so much fun together. I love this age because they played all morning and a total shocker....they both share very well. I love listening to them. They have the silliest conversations. Anyway, Hayden was hysterical. The girls heard him fussing in his crib and insisted on going in when I got him up. I had to grab my camera. His face was priceless. He just looked back and forth between the two girls. It was GREAT!!! He was probably thinking...Oh No...I'm in serious there are two!
He followed the girls all around the house. He was crawling as fast as his legs would go.

He was so curious...what is in this box?? Dress-up we can totally use in the future...HA!

Poor guy. They put a tiara on him and he grabbed a necklace.

I wish you could see his face...he is gazing at Emma cute! I'm sure he will take to many of Layla's friends :)

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Gary said...

Don't let those girls make my boy soft!