Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a super fun weekend! Yesterday the weather was great. Gary smoked a brisket. He did a few things different trying out ways to make it more tender, and wow it was GREAT!!
We had so much fun playing outside. Susan, Kristin and Yvonne came by for a brief afternoon visit. It was great see them, and I know they enjoyed their time with the kids.
After the kids went to bed we enjoyed a visit with DeeDee and Paul from across the street. We are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors. A very fun part of my weekend was seeing my friend Ena. I can't remember the last time I saw her. I miss her so much. She is engaged to a great guy named John, and we got to meet him. He and Gary talked motorcycles all night, and we had a ball with them.
This morning was great. We went to church and I really enjoyed the Easter message. We sang the most amazing hymn "Ten Thousand Angels" I have never sang this hymn, but I will remember it forever.

After church my parents came to have lunch with us. We had fun hanging out with them though I wish we could have hung out outside. It rained here all day. If we had been outside, Layla would have forgotten about all the candy she has to eat. CANDY...AGHHH!!!
I posted this picture of us four taken this morning after church.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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