Monday, April 27, 2009

A rabbit, a snake, rocks and the hammock

We went to the country this past weekend, and it was great!

Except for this part...eeiiikkkk! But as Layla said, "It is one of God's creatures."

Daddy & LK looking for rocks

Taking a break in the hammock :)

Layla sneaking up on the bunny rabbit.

The three explorers

The Sipes family had an amazing weekend:) We love going to the country where we can just kick back and relax. We really enjoy watching LK explore. She picked at least 25 flowers in the first 5 minutes after we arrived. She ran and played for hours. She is the one that found the snake. I almost had a freak attack...she was so calm and naive. We looked at it for a few minutes before it crawled back into it's den (a hole in the ground next to a tree). Thank goodness that was on Sunday as we were leaving. We caught tons of ladybugs, chased a million butterflies, and saw a bunny! We didn't get to take pictures in the bluebonnets...dang it...we ran out of time. I guess we spent too much time in the hammock! That thing rocks!! It is so relaxing. We met up with some of our buddies, and that was a wonderful treat! I'm so glad we got to see everybody. It was a great mini-vaca..can't wait to get back to the country again soon!

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Alli said...

Great pic of you and Layla!