Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have been trying to get a good 'teeth' shot for everyone that is here you go! The added bonus...a milky bottom lip and chin :))
Four teeth coming in at one time! Sweet :) Tanya, our pastor's wife, said that it is a blessing to have four teeth coming in at once, because that is 3 less times we have to go through this teething thing! Hahaha...Amen to that!

My silly boy! He has become quite the little clown. I sure do love this clown :)

In case you were wondering...this is half of a plastic Easter egg.

Gosh this is the funniest toy.
It is a princess kettle-bath toy. The kids play with it in the bath each night. Hayden was goofing around the other night crawling after his bath...breathing through this thing. It has holes in the top part like a watering can. I doesn't make sense, but is a silly picture. Hayden makes us laugh everyday!


Flores Family said...

glad you said it's 1/2 of an Easter egg. I would have never guessed

Alli said...

He is so cute! Gotta love those silly times!