Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holy Guacamole

My children love fresh guacamole. They 'hoover' it as my friend Megan would say! I made some today for lunch, and Layla ate it on a whole wheat wrap. She is really into making her own food. She put cheese and turkey and guac on the wrap and went to town. Hayden...well he just grabs and stuffs it into his mouth. Very messy for mommy to clean up, but he won't let me spoon feed him anymore.

This is a great picture of Hayden's teeth.

See my new Ipod...thanks to all of you for the birthday gift cards and cash. Gina sent me this iHome. It is handy-dandy :) You just hook the Ipod to it and music plays loud and proud!

Notice my FAV recipe book...I am planning my menu for the next few weeks. We had two more yummy slow cooker recipes this week...Mmmmm. I will post one tomorrow. Now I am off to see what HC is into. He is pulling up on everything, and keeps Layla and I on our toes during the day. Thank goodness she is such a good little helper.

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Flores Family said...

what's the name of your cookbook, i love cookbooks!!!!!