Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost in Ross

We lost Bebe {sounds like: baybay} yesterday. For those of you who don't know...Bebe is Layla's best buddy. Gary's mother gave her BeBe before she was born. Bebe looks like she is almost 80 years old. She was once cream colored and fluffy, but now she is dirty and loved! Layla was so upset when we got home Bebe. We searched the car, Hayden's diaper bag and all our shopping bags and still no Bebe. Bedtime was hard...until I called the last store we went to...Ross. I made myself giggle when I described Bebe.

Umm Hello,

yes, I was in your store today with my children, and my daughter seems to have lost her pet lamb. She is a dirty brownish colored lamb with a crooked pink nose.

Have you seen her by chance?

They had Bebe!!!

Can you believe it? I honestly can't. I have a renewed faith in people and niceness...if that is a word.

We decided to drive to Ross last night to pick her up. It was way past bedtime, but Layla and I made the trip while the boys slept (HC) and cooked dinner (GS). It made her night, month and year. We thought she was gone forever. We talked her through dinner about how sometimes we loose things. Gary told her about when he lost his wedding ring in Lake Whitney. I told her about loosing my favorite shirt when I was 6 years old. She was ok until bed. She even had me tearing up. Gary said he felt like he lost a pet. HA!! We are softies.

Anyway...all is well now! WooHoo.

Here is a recent shot of Layla and Bebe. Bebe swims too...super pet lamby :)


Alli said...

That is so sweet! Glad you found Bebe! Samantha had a Franklin doll that went EVERYWHERE. After we left it at my dad's, Jason went on eBay and bought another one for back-up and my sister-in-law found another at a garage sale. It worked in our favor many times to have them!

Hollie said...

I am so glad you found Bebe!! Those are tough times for everyone!
Kenzie had her "Dolly" that went everywhere with her too. We had 3 of them that I rotated out so they would all be equally worn. She figured out that there was more than one because of their "worn" markings and would insist on having them all!! She has outgrown them...sigh!, but they still all sit on her bed. My mom also had one embroirdered(sp??) with her name that sits on her dresser.

Flores Family said...

oh my! that's so sweet. I'm so glad BeBe is home