Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oak Hill River Inn

This is a picture of two attached cabins. You can walk on the deck over to see buddies staying in other cabins. They look smaller, so I am thinking they may be one bedrooms...not sure?!? I'm thinking you can rent the whole kit and kabootle if you are doing a big family gathering. Prices and info are on the below!

Several people have asked me about the cabin we stayed in this past weekend. So...I decided to post a few more know I took tons of shots with my new camera!

I like this picture because it shows the fun ceiling on the deck, and of course the TEXAS favorite!

I took this pic on our deck facing the river. If you look closely you can see the water on the other side of the road.

King bedroom

Queen Bedroom

If you go float...go to the LoneStar FloatHouse. We rented our tubes there, and they have the most amazing cheeseburger. It was just want we needed when we got off the river!!

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