Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I take lots of pictures.

I have tons of pictures...

I love to take pictures, if you haven't noticed.

I got a handy dandy new camera and it takes really neat pics.

Once up on a time I could store a month of photos on one single CD. So I'd take pics, look at them and then store them on a disk. I like to keep my computer pic free and running fast. I don't know if my computer is slow because of the pics, or if it is just old and slow...ha! sounds like me. I don't want to bog my computer down, but lately I feel like I have. I can't put any of the pics on CDs. Why you ask? I don't have time...the new camera takes high res pics, and I can only get 3 or four pics on one disc. I'd be making CD's until next year and never be caught up.

What do I do? Some of you professional picture taking people PLEASE help me. Should I upload them to Shutterfly and let them store them for me? It seems like it takes forever for them to upload to Shutterfly. I guess I can just change the settings on my camera. All my pics probably don't have to be so high res. RIGHT?

What do you do? Any advise you have would be wonderful!

I don't want to miss any pics of this little face uh or back.


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

We bought a little Maxtor back-up system and it attaches with a USB port and is easy to use... My photos are all backed up on that. I don't know if I could delete them off the main computer to make it run faster though.....
Will a flash drive work for that?

Emily said...

Back up hard drives are a good thing. I personally use Picasa though. I love it and I can upload them to the web for back up and it's FREE!

CD said...

Ok, here are some options:

Use an external hard drive to store your pics. It just plugs into your computer through a USB cable.

Picasa is a great tool to use for posting on a blog, using web albums, emailing them. It is by Google and a free download. It will also allow you to make some minor editing to the photos.

Resize your photos before burning them on a CD. The files are too big and that is why you are only getting 3 photos on the CD. This is not the resolution but the dimensions that are coming out of your camera.

Upload them to Shutterfly or another website and pay them to burn them. They charge for how many pics you want on a CD.

You want the high resolution on the photos or it could be a grainy photo...or if you ever want a large print and it is set to low resolution, it will not print.

Do you use a Mac or PC? If you use a Mac then sign-up for Mobile Me account.

Also are taking your pictures in RAW or Jpeg format?

I personally use an external hard drive, burn CDs, and mobile me account.

Email me if you need more help. Hope that is not information overload and probably should have emailed instead of commenting! :)

Brigetta Schwaiger said...

I have backed mine up on an external hard drive that I got at Costco for about $80.00. A lot less than I would have spent developing them in the olden days.

I still can't bring myself to delete them from my computer thought. My husband is convinced it is what is wrong with our computer though.

Kelli said...

I usually put mine on Shutterfly. It does take a while but I just upload them all and then do something else while they are all transferring. I hope you find a system that works well for you.

Alli said...

I put mine on Shutterfly, mainly to share with family and it is where I order my pics. But I also save mine on an external hard drive. That way, if my computer ever crashed, they are saved. That and I don't bog my computer down with all of those pics.