Monday, August 10, 2009

New favorite

I love The Food Network!

I usually have the TV on during the day and it is tuned to The Food Network. When I am doing chores, or changing Hayden's diapers or helping Layla with a craft I can glance up and see who is on and what is cooking. It gives me my daily dose of inspiration to cook, and I LOVE to cook. I also feel okay about it being 'G' rated. Layla really enjoys it, and has learned some things about food that I don't think she would have otherwise. On Saturday mornings I tune in just to see who is cooking, and Gary will watch it with me for a bit before we tune into whatever the sport of the day might happen to be.
My new favorite cook/hostess is Claire Robinson, and her show is called 5 Ingredient Fix. New episodes are on on Saturday mornings at 11:30 A.M. Central time. She had an amazing menu this past Saturday. Green Goddess Rice has to be the yummiest thing ever, and to pair it with Sea Scallops with Saffron Aioli ...this should be against the law. I am defiantly going keep these in mind as I plan my menu for next week. Gary LOVES scallops, and I never know how to cook them. Yay! I'm so excited. Silly to get so excited about cooking? I love it. It is something that Gary and I do together, and one of our goals is to own our own restaurant. Someday when the time is right :)

So...go check out these 5 ingredient recipes...they seem pretty simple for busy moms like us!! I will try some out, and post them in the future because I like to share like that!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh sounds good! Email me, I have a good scallop recipe I'll share.

Kelli said...

I've never seen that show. I'll have to tune in, thanks!

Heather said...

I love food network too!! I have gotten poor Emma addicted to it! I have been wanting to see that show and haven't seen it yet. 5 ingredients is so up my alley!

Emily said...

I love to cook too...I'm too nervous to watch the Food Network though...I don't know if I could contain myself and not cook and eat everything in sight! ;)