Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jalapenos Done Right

Mix bacon crumbles, onion (finely chopped) and cheese in a bowl.
Cut off the tops of jalapenos and de-seed them.
Stuff with wonderful mixture and grill them!
This is what they looked like before we grilled them! Yummy~ness :)

*the oven will do a fine job of heating these as well*

Just a few tips:
Before we got the pepper griller we would slice jalapenos in half and top them with the cheesy bacon mixture. It works great and tastes good too!
And as stated in a previous post cut and de-seed peppers with caution :)


lsnellings said...

I love your Texas cutting board!

Alli said...

That's all? Man, that is so easy! I need to find a pepper griller, that is too cool!

Lyryn said...

My hubby would go crazy for these!! got to try them!!!