Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Battle with a bed & a shirt

Hayden looks so big in his little crib.
He HAS to move to his big boy bed soon.
I know he is ready, but with what happened last week, I am a bit nervous.

These photos were taken a week ago yesterday.
Hayden was in his big boy bed and fell out. He hit his head on a step stool.
I don't want him to get out of his big bed,
so why I put a step stool down there??...must have been a brain fart...ughhh.
It was horrible.

He flew out of his bed like a rag doll with me standing right there.
I couldn't move fast enough. I still replay that moment over and over in my head.
He was so upset...crying like crazy.
I was crying too.
Then of course Layla started crying. She cries almost anytime Hayden gets hurt.
With all the noise even the pups ran into the room to see what the noise was all about.


As you can see in the picture below, taken yesterday...his head healed nicely.

He is trying so hard to take his own shirt off. He tried very hard and got mad.
He has a terrible temper. If he can't do something he throws things, screams and yells.
In this case he threw himself on the floor and pretty much got tangled in his own shirt.
The shirt beat him.

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Kelli said...

Poor baby. Caleb is still in his crib...he's almost 3. He's never tried to get out for some reason. We're getting his bed very soon though and then I won't feel like such a bad mama anymore.

Kelli W said...

His poor head! I'm glad it is better now! Maybe you should try a toddler bed instead! Henry got kicked out of the babybed when he was about 15 months old to make room for Grant, and we put him in a toddler bed for a while. It is much lower to the the bumps and bruises are a lot smaller when they fall out!

jennykate77 said...

AWE! Poor little guy! I'm glad his head is better. Kids are so resilient. Too funny about the shirt.

Hope you're having a great day!

shortmama said...

My youngest is almost 2 and I am dreading moving her to a big girl bed because she is a monkey and will probably never stay in the darn thing!

LeAnna said...

Poor sweet boy! It's amazing how resilient they are, though! I'm cracking up over the last paragraph, because my son is the same way. Must be a testosterone thing. ;)

Dawn said...

Oh, I cry when my kids get hurt too. I actually almost throw up when they get hurt. I don't handle it well.

Wanted to tell you... I love the name of your blog!

Emily said...

Oh bless his little heart. First the head and then the shirt. He just can't win.

lsnellings said...

Poor baby! Once Emma Jane fell out of her bed, knocked the bedside table and lamp over and never woke up. I found her half way out of the bed with her head resting on the side of the bedside table!

beckylbranch said...

LOL! The poor thing..bless his heart! Those battles with your shirt will wear you out! I know it has to be hard to ever see your baby get hurt, that is one of my biggest fears!ah! I just pray that God would keep all our babies safe!

Carrie said...

Oh no! I can totally understand the shirt thing...Emily still gets mad if she can't get something and will not ask for help until all else fails! Poor guy, good luck with the big bed...our kids had a couple of spills, but they were okay :) We would just hear this thump, and neither one of them even remembered it, they were still sleeping!