Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy in their new home

I love my grandparents!

It makes my heart happy to know that they are safe in a nice assisted living home.
It makes me even happier that they love it!

Thinking back a couple of years ago...it seemed so hard to convince my mother in law that an assisted living was best for her. I would probably be the same way. No one wants their kids to tell them that they need help and can't take care of themselves on their own. Well, my dad had to do that when it came to my grandparents.

(((It is weird for us {gary & i} to be taking care of his mom in the way my parents are taking care of my grandparents. Don't kids usually do that at age 50ish? Well, Gary was born when his mom was 36 years old. So we are going through the same things as my parents.)))

Back on topic...The kids and I visited my grandparents the other day! Grandpa&Grandma seem happy...they are eating 3 nice & healthy meals a day. You know it is always about the food for me...HA! They have tons of activities they can participate in...AND they are closer to me so I can go visit more often.

So all around in my opinion it is FABULOUS!!

They are safe and I don't have to worry about them all alone in their big home with no help if one of them falls or something bad happens. 'Cause I'm a worrier like that.

Since they live close, and so my parents are going to pick them up and bring them over to my house for our Christmas Day celebration. Usually, Gary's fam and my fam come over to our house on Christmas for a huge, LOUD adventure.
My Grandparents have never attended because they lived so far away. Yay! Oh, and double plus...they get along great with Gary's mom!

The kids are REALLY the only reason we convinced them to move. Teehee!
See how happy Grandpa looks?!!


Kelli said...

Grandpa does looks pretty happy. Kiddies do that! I'm glad they love their new home.

Emily said...

I've had that thought before too...Alex's dad was much older. Thankfully he also has a much older brother and sister, so hopefully that'll take the pressure off us some!

Carrie said...

Such a good feeling to know they are all safe and enjoy where there are :) So great that you will all be together for Christmas! Enjoy this special time! Happy HOlidays!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I am so glad they are happy and you have less worry, it is also a bonus that they are so close to their grandkids now! I am sure that was the main selling point!

J.J. said...

That brings such good memories of hanging out with my grandparents after they moved into their assisted living place. They are gone now...but they really flourished there...and we had a lot of great times...and had fun visiting with all their neighbors, too.

Glad that they are healthy and happy there! I bet you make their day when you and the kids come visit!