Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree

It seems as though everyone in our house is enjoying the tree.

Harley was just sitting in front of it gazing up at it.
{until I took the picture of course; then she turned her head}

Layla uses the tree as her background for all her fashion shows.
She tries on a million outfits a day and is constantly begging me
take pictures. I could post them all, but it would wear you out.

Hayden just looks at the tree and acts like he is about
to touch it. He taunts me...drives me nuts. Toot.

And then there is Callaway.
He lays on the floor in front of the tree every night.
This picture mostly just turned out paws.
I have to take pics of him fast. He can't hear very well, but it never
fails he can hear the flash pop open on my camera. He is terrified of the camera.
It sends him running EVERY time.
I have been having a ball capturing tons of memories of our family this Holiday Season!


Kelli said...

I love that Layla uses the tree as the background...too cute! I'm wiht Callaway that there is something relaxing about a Christmas tree.

jules said...

I'm as bad as the kids. I love the tree. I stare at it a lot!

Kelli W said...

Layla posing in front of the tree is too cute! And Eli doesn't just act like he is going to touch our tree...he does...and takes off about half of the ornaments that are in his reach!!

Yelena said...

cute photos!!
you have a lovely family! ;)

shortmama said...

I am losing my mind trying to keep Layla out of our tree! And its on a table!

Jenny said...

Just found your blog...your kiddos are too cute!

Love the last pic of Callaway as dog always lays like that.

Thanks for letting us stop by.

jennykate77 said...

Love the pictures! Your kids are adorable!!! Our dog, Belle, loves to lay right in front of the tree. She's a chubby black lab, so not small, and sometimes she tries to wedge herself underneath. She's going to be in BIG trouble if I come home one day and find the tree toppled over!

Emily said...

That's too funny about Layla!

LeAnna said...

This is too funny! I can't believe even the dogs are enthralled by the tree, how cute is that!? Little girls never cease to amaze me at how different they are from little boys. Fashion sense starts so young! I love those long lashes on Haydens, what a doll!