Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christmas List

Today I am participating in a fun blog party! 

Jessica at Love from Texas has started Tuesday's List again.  Every Tuesday we share our lists...and I love to make lists.  This week we are sharing our Christmas lists.

We have a camera that records video, but I want a more portable option.  This is so cute and fun.

And since we are talking portable....
I'd love something I could just stick into my purse.  My gigantic Cannon Rebel is so heavy, and sometimes I just want a point and shoot camera.

I am really into golfing right now and really need some new golf attire.  I want some fun skorts to wear, so maybe Santa will help me with this lack of golf attire problem.  If he throws in a few matching visors and shirts that would be GREAT!

A Christmas list wouldn't be complete without adding what the kids want.  Both kids are asking for a trampoline.  Layla loved our trampoline and was VERY upset when a spring storm blew through and destroyed it.  She has been asking for one for months and months. While the thought of having a huge trampoline in my backyard again makes me cringe...it is such an eyesore...I love having one because it keeps the kids very busy :)

Layla has also asked for an iPod.  I think in a couple of months she will be ready to have one.  I know that 5 1/2 years old seems early, but she is my little music lover.  She will do great with a small little Shuffle.

Hayden, being 2 and all, doesn't really get it, so I'm not sure just yet what will be on his list.  For sure the trampoline.  And we already got him a small train set. He needs a golf bag and putter.  He will love anything he gets I'm sure!

Daddy wants a new drill.  I constantly have him doing some home improvement project that requires a drill.  He has worn his out.  Ok, Santa get on this one so Mommy can keep Daddy busy!!

What is on your Christmas List? 

I know it is only the end of September, but it is time to start getting that list going. Click on Jessica's button below to add your list to the party!!

Most importantly I just want my family happy and healthy.  That is the best Christmas gift of all.  When looking at the big picture the material things don't really matter.
Have a great Tuesday!


Kelli said...

We were talking about getting Jamison an iPod. I hope you get all that's on your list. It's never too early to make your Christmas list. I need to start shopping.

Kelli W said...

I sometimes wish I had a smaller camera too...but I know the pictures would be nearly as good:) I think we are going to get Henry and Grant DSi's for Christmas this year. Eveyone else has them...and I think I might like the quiet when they play them!!

Love from Texas said...

I love my Flip!!! It's the best idea ever... And glad to see a trampoline is on someone else's list too. Except I'm probably more excited about it than you are ;)

Veronika said...

I was thinking about getting my 3 year old that same ipod from Best Buy! If 5 1/2 is too young... maybe 3 is too! He loves music too, and plays with my pink mp3 player. Always runs my battery down!
Cute blog by the way :)

shortmama said...

My kids would love a trampoline too! But since we live on a sloped hill there is no place to put it, unless I want them to jump off sideways all the time

jenn w/ 2 n's said...

Glad you're getting into golf! I love it too and cute clothes make you want to play more. We'll have to all go play next time we're in town!

Heather said...

We should golf together sometime! I love your list, I would love to have a portable video camera that small, so handy! HA! I hope you get these for Christmas!

Shannon said...

What a fun blog list! Never to early to start thinking about Christmas. I know I've already begun shopping for everyone on my list.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

for the record i've been trying to comment on ur blog for days..i keep getting network down and it's annoying

i'd like some baby stuff for a boy! haha

i told the family...well since it's been 12 years since i've had a baby boy around the house...spend on ur dough on him! but give them to me so i can pretend they're for me!