Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a happy day

I am so excited about today. 

Gary has been out of town for dayyyysssss!!  He left on Sunday.  So he really wasn't gone that long, this trip.  But, he was also gone last week from Monday - Friday. It is my job to keep up with the know this...I am a stay at home mom, but whew!  Some days are tough when you don't have that 2nd shift person coming in to help with dinner/chores and bath/bedtimes. 

I have been counting down the days to today. Not only for help, but Gary is my best friend...I miss the tar out of him.  Layla has learned a little about how to count the days too.

Today is the day Gary comes home from orientation with his new jobby job!  Yes, he has a new job.  Say good bye... to the 55 mile one way trip to the office.  Yes, he drove over 100 miles a day.   That makes for a hefty petrol bill.  ha! We won't be missing paying the tolls and gas bill BECAUSE now he will be WORKING FROM HOME!  Thank goodness we have a home office...he will get up in the morning, and grab coffee and head to the office in our HOME!  Crazy.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

Getting there wasn't easy though.

Last week was so tough.  Gary had been with the company he was with for 3 years.  It would have been 4 in April.  He was great at his job and he loved the people he worked with.  The economy hit his company hard and Gary ended up being the one laying people off.  REALLY?!?  It was a tough job.  He wasn't really looking for a new job, it sort of found him, and at the perfect time.  He wasn't happy about the situation he was put in.  Can you imagine getting on an airplane, seeing the people you work and talk with everyday, and telling them the were fired. more job in this economy.  Well Gary didn't sign up for it, but he put on his big boy pants and he did it.  The last time he told the last guy he was done...the man got sooooo mad.  IT was horrible. To make a scary story even scarier, the police had to come to the place of business to make sure everyone was safe.  I was so scared because Gary was scared.  Gary is an easy going, positive, laid back person, but this situation had him nervous!!!!! Accepting a new job was the best thing we decided to do!!  I am so thankful.  Isn't it strange, yet amazing how God steps in and makes it all OK... he makes it better.  He always does that for us.

So when I get to kiss Gary's face today it will be so fun to know that he isn't driving away 55 miles to work on Monday morning.  He won't be getting onto an airplane to visit clients.  He will be taking Layla to school, or he'll be just a few feet away in the office.  He may do a bit of traveling, but all in all he will be home.

The home/corporate office of his new company is in Wisconsin.  They already offered to pay to move him there. thanks, but we aren't shutting the door on that idea forever.  But for now we are going to see where this takes us.  I got bits and pieces of how amazing this new company is, but it is so hard to talk on the phone with two kiddos, so tonight I will get all the scoop on why he is so stoked about this new career path. I am just happy to see my partner happy.

Thanks to all my friends and family for praying for us last week.  You had no idea why, but you just prayed.  Thanks!  Thanks for my friends and family for letting me vent and talk about how scared I was.  And thanks too for just letting me talk and have adult conversations.  Bless y'all hearts...I talk too much.  And talking to a 5 year old and 2 year old day in and day out makes for silly conversation.

So for now...I am off to finish cleaning the house and then I am headed to the airport. 

Happy Friday everyone :)


Kelli W said...

I'm so glad that the new job is working out so well for Gary and for you! I know he will be excited to be home more...and you are going to be so happy to have your 2nd shift back:) Have a great weekend and I hope Gary has a great first day at his new job Monday!!

Drew's Mom said...

That is so awesome... for all of you! Sure wish I was able to work from home. Good luck & best wishes on your new journey =)

shortmama said...

That is fabulous news for your family!