Wednesday, September 15, 2010

recent conversations

Layla:  Mommy I think I am addicted to iCarly...I love it.  I want to watch it all the time.

{sorry TMI alert}

Hayden: Mommy,  boobo hurts bad.

Me:  Do you need to poop? You already pooped once today...How many times are you gonna poop today?

Hayden:  Free (three), five, nine poop.

Me:  Nice...mommy really wants you to stop pooping in diapers.

Hayden: Oh!

His new favorite thing to say is "Oh!"

I am in bed, sound asleep and Layla let Hayden out of his room first thing in the morning.

Hayden: "Mommy, mommy."

He is 2 inches from my sleeping face and is begging me to wake up.

A whispering Hayden: Juice, juice, chokik mulk (chocolate milk)

The boys loves his beverages.

Layla:  Mommmy! This is bad, this is bad...this is really bad.

Me:  Oh no, what did Hayden tear up now?

Layla: IT isn't is my my necklace is BROKEEEENNN! 

Me:  Oh, whew, I thought something was really wrong.

Layla:  Mommy that was just rude. I love this kitty cat necklace.

Me:  I know dear, let me fix it.

I took this last picture with my iPhone last night, so the quality isn't that great. BUT I love it!  Layla has learned so much since starting school  She is really starting to 'get' reading.  She does great!  I am so excited about it.  Every night she 'reads' to Hayden.  It melts my heart when they are sweet to one another.  Her eyes light up like the brightest summer sun when she sees a word she can actually read. 

I am so blessed to have these silly kids in my life!!


Ms. Emmy N said...

How sweet! The things kids say are just too cute! I love that "rude" comment from Layla!

And it melts my heart to see the picture of your adorable kids reading, I can only imagine how you must feel! Just precious!

Kelli said...

I love the things that kids say. Layla's rude comment made me laugh! I love the picture of her reading to Hayden.

beckylbranch said...

Awe! That is the sweetest picture of them reading together! That is too funny, I am sure you have lots of interesting conversations around your house! Are ya'll going trick-or-treating?

jennykate77 said...

Isaiah is starting to really "GET" reading too and I LOVE it!!! They grow so fast!

I love the little convos!! SO cute and funny! I love Hayden's "Oh"!

Hope you're having a great week!♥

shortmama said...

My two year old even knows what iCarly is because my oldest watches it so much

Heather said...

Ha ha!! Love it!! Kids say the funniest things, and I forget the things that are important to them, aka Layla's necklace!! :) So glad you shared these, precious memories!

Carrie said...

It's so funny how what kids think is really serious and something we think is no big deal :) Emily had a big crying fit ahile ago because her cat silly band broke! Those things are so cheap...she was so upset!

I love when they start learning to read too! It really is amazing how quickly they get it! Emily loves to read...but Alex would rather do something else :)

Shannon said...

How rude! Reminds me of Stephanie Tanner from Full House, gosh I loved that show! Your kids are adorable and I can't wait until GG is actually talking to have some of this precious conversations of my own!

Meant to be a mom said...

Your kids are truly so funny. I love the poop story. Awesome. Free five nine poops. HAHA.
Kids are the best.

Kelli W said...

I can just hear Hayden saying Chocolate Milk! That is Eli's new favorite thing too. He has learned to open the fridge and gets out the chocolate syrup and chases me down until I fix him a cup of milk:)