Friday, July 8, 2011

A day of jumping

Wednesday it was hot.  I was planning to take the kids to the pool, but it was so hot. Too hot for the pool sounds funny right?  But it was.  Look at this forecast...

Sheesh!  That doesn't even factor in the heat index.

Instead of the pool we decided to go to our local jumping place.  They have 3 large rooms of gigantic inflatables.   You just pay a fee and jump your heart out.  The kids had tons of fun in the air conditioning!  They jumped so long they got hot and sweaty, but it was something different and we all had fun.  

The smiles and grins on the kids faces tell the story of the fun that was had!

I love her face in this adorable!

Hayden is on his way in!

Beautiful girls!

Hayden was telling me a story.  He has become super animated lately.

You can tell he was concentrating...he's sticking his tongue out!

We had a fun day and can't wait to return to jump again soon :)


Lauren said...

fun fun!!!!!!!! :)

Kelli said...

Those bounce places are a ton of fun. I completely understand being too hot for the pool. Stay cool.

Katie said...

That looks like a ton of fun!! I need to see if we have a place like that local!

Traci said...

When you say too hot for the pool I know exactly what you mean! Our pool water gets so hot that it feels like a hot tub!

texasmacks said...

We were just there today! Let's meet up someday there!!!