Thursday, July 7, 2011

Randomness in my head


I have said it before and I will say it again...when people judge others it makes me crazy.  I tend to not look at the person judged, but the judger.  It makes us look small when we try to talk about a situation that we know nothing about.  I am guilty in judging others too...I'm not saying I am perfect.  I try not to do it though.  IT is so wrong and hurtful...mostly makes the judger look down right stupid and immature.

I think it is the worst when people judge movie stars and people they have never met.  We have no clue what other people go through, or have gone through.  It is just not fair.


History was made when the Casey Anthony verdict came in.  I love to think back to what I was doing when {such and such current events} happened.  What were you doing when the verdict came in?  

I was reading an article that was flying around twitter.  This articleA must read for all parents.  

Do your kids get up and run around restaurants?  Can you give them a stern look or say a few words to control them when they are acting up?  The actions of kids directly reflect the parents. Ya know?!


Since I mentioned twitter.  I have to say twitter has been quite fierce lately.  People have strong opinions and they show them.  Isn't that what twitter is all about?  I love reading what people think.  Half the time I sit back and laugh.  Seriously though your're making yourself look silly!  {I need to remember this too!}


I am on day 12 of a low carbohydrate eating plan.  I won't say it is a diet, but I just wanted to try a low carb way of life because I am so addicted to pasta and potatoes.  I have consumed around 20 carbs or less for the past 11 days.  I am wondering if it is worth it.  I have lost 2 pounds.  I was hoping to lose more.  Oh well, I'm good with it. Honestly, I thought 'low carb' would be harder than it is.  When I do decide to add more carbs back into my daily life I hope I don't eat about 18 cupcakes. haha!  I must add, the thing I have missed the most of all -- beans.  


We have been so busy this summer and it seems as if the trend will continue. The kids both have birthdays and we are hoping to go to the beach at the end of July.  I am worried about hurricanes.  I hope we can go, but we shall see.  I do know one thing....I really need to get busy planning the kids birthday bash.  They want to do their parties together again this year.   I was hoping for separate parties, but this will be a  blast as well.  We will have a huge water slide and be surrounded by tons of friends.


Things happen in life.  We never know when we may find ourselves is a weird situation.  For instance, I never would have thought in a million years that Gary and I would have had the financial struggles we had a few years ago.  Looking back they were a blessing in disguise.  

I'm thinking about Casey Anthony:
We can all sit and say we would never go 31 days without reporting our child missing.  I feel that way.  I wouldn't go 2 minutes without knowing where my kids are.  BUT we don't know what Casey was going through.  Maybe she was on drugs. Maybe she was out of her mind with grief.  Maybe someone threatened to hurt her if she told.  She may have feared for her life.  What do you think about that?
I also believe that Casey's father and her brother both knew of the defenses plan to accuse them of molestation.  They had to know fur would fly and mean things would be said.  I think Casey will have a relationship with her parents in the future.  I think the family took the beating they got so Casey could be free some day.  These are my thoughts.  I may be wrong, but I am just throwing this out there.

This concludes the randomness in my head for today!


Kelli said...

I love the random! I've thought about signing up for a twitter account...I know you love it. I need to reduce my carb intake...well my overall intake, lol. Have fun planning birthday celebrations...I love birthdays.

Kelli W said...

I didn't really keep up with the trial, but I am still a little shocked that her child is dead and she basically got a slap on the wrist. I would have at least thought they would find her guilty of child neglect. Regardless of why she didn't report her child missing, not knowing where you child is for that long is neglect in my book for sure! I wanted to be good about dieting this summer, but so far all I've managed to do is eat sweets:)

Traci said...

You've got a lot of serious stuff going on in your head today!! I keep referring to my diet but I need to stop that because it's truly a lifestyle change. Maybe once I reach my goal. We leave for the beach next Friday!!

ty said...

Amen. I think everyone condemning Casey Anthony to Hell is sickening.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

OMG I MISS BEANS TOO. esp texas caviar! yuuuuum o yuuuum o! (no corn beans haha)

Jillian said...

I agree about the twitter thing, so much drama and meanness sometimes:( And did you stop doing weight watchers???