Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter camping trip

Easter weekend started Thursday afternoon when Layla got out of school.

We drove to Lake Whitney and got settled in for the weekend, and as you can see I went a little nuts with my BFF, my camera!  I know I am not a photographer and I've never wanted to be.  BUT I love taking pictures.  It makes me so happy!

We got a great campsite.  The gigantic tree was amazing.  The kids wanted to climb it the whole time we were there!  By the time we set up camp and did some exploring it was bedtime for the kids.

Friday morning we got a visit from the Easter bunny.

I love waking up seeing these little munchkins in their bed a few feet away.
They are giggle boxes in the morning.

Layla was thrilled to have another stuffed animal. She has always loved lambs, so she was really giddy!

Hayden got a watch.  He looks so stinkin' cute wearing it.  He thinks he is BIG stuff.

We collected bugs.

And built houses for them.

We chased and photographed butterflies.

Hayden played a little round ball.

We got dirty.  So dirty!  But it's fun to be dirty!

Gary made a delicious lunch of fried catfish and hush puppies.

Look at this butterfly that landed on my drink.  The butterflies were all over us!  It was awesome.

After an afternoon of rest time and more exploring we ate s' mores and went to bed.  It was a busy day and we were all sleepy!

Saturday morning started with some fishing.  We didn't catch anything, but we sure had fun trying.

The kids rode their bikes for awhile and then we decided to explore other areas of the lake.

It was too cold to swing, but we got our feet wet!

Look at these birds!

We had a fun time camping and we were sad to leave.  We actually planned to stay the entire weekend, but Hayden started feeling bad, and the weather forecast said rain was coming in. We don't mind camping in the rain, but we had to top off the Jeep.  We didn't want to drive home in the rain.  

I'm thankful for another safe and memorable camping trip!

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Traci said...

Looks like fun! Y'all had gorgeous weather too.