Wednesday, April 4, 2012

landscaping makeover

Last weekend I talked Gary into transplanting our front shrubs.

I just felt like the shrubs in the flower beds were too big.  They were obnoxious and out of control.

I am so thankful for Gary.  He yanked those shrubs up in just a few minutes.

I think it looks so much better.  

I have some work to do redesigning my front flower beds.

For now I am just letting them rest and planing and thinking about what we are going to do with them.  I'm excited to plant new spring goodies soon!

We didn't want to waste the shrubs so we planted them out in our back yard.  Well, Gary planted them and I helped as much as I could.

We measured them and then the digging party started.

My job was to scoop the dirt out of the holes so we could place the roots down deep into the ground.

I painted my nails the night before.  Duh!  That manicure was short lived!

The kids had fun playing in the holes!

I am thrilled with the new shrubs in the backyard.  So far they are doing ok with the transfer.  They are definitely in shock, but hopefully the soaker hose will help them live!  Hopefully I will post about our new front bed soon.  If I could ever decide what I want to plant!


Traci said...

Girl, you need a good pair of gloves!! I love how the shrubs look along the fence. I suggest some knock out roses for your front. They bloom all the time & are so easy to grow & you can prune them to keep them from getting out of control. LOVE mine!

Just Jennifer said...

If you feel so inclined, you guys come this way! I have several dead bushes and a few live ones that I just want gone. LOL! I have a few trees I wouldn't mind gone either ;)

But for real it looks good. And I think along the fence was a great place to put them!

Tanya said...

Hi there,
I'm with Traci....I vote for Knock Out Roses! Color color color and oh so hardy! Grow like crazy but can be trimmed back if you want!
Please keep us updated!
Love the new look!

Kelli W said...

I think it is going to be so pretty when you are finished! And yay for saving the ones you removed...they look great in the backyard! We have had the same stuff in our flowerbeds for a few years. I'm not much of a gardener though so I think they will be staying for a few more years!