Saturday, July 21, 2012

frustrating day

Yesterday was one of those days.  It was a bad day for me.  Gary and I just weren't seeing eye to eye.  We very rarely fight, but we got into a discussion about our grocery budget and argued about the cost of a bottle of shampoo.  

Today I can laugh about how silly it was, but yesterday I was frustrated and Gary was too.

After that discussion I was just still blah all day.  I had to buy groceries and that in itself will wear a Momma out.  Layla and Hayden wanted everything in the store. I was trying to use coupons but I was so frustrated I couldn't think.  After I got the the checkout I was even more frustrated with the bill.  We were out of everything. Everything.  Ugh!  So my Walmart trip had me in tears.  I tried not to cry while sliding my debit card.  Once I got into the parking lot the tears started flowing.  I couldn't stop crying and the kids thought I'd lost my marbles.  Layla was asking what was wrong and Hayden was telling me to stop crying.  It was so pathetic and real.  I always try to be real.  I certainly was real yesterday.  I was a real silly mess.  I felt so much better after that good cry.  I think a good cry is good for the soul sometimes.  Since I was already crying I went ahead and filled my car up with gas.  Haha!  That almost made me cry all over again. 

We made it home from the grocery store in one piece and got everything put away in time for me to get dressed and go have dinner with some other preschool mommies.  It was perfect timing.  I needed the distraction.  I felt refreshed and happy after a night out with friends.

All this to say this:

I'm thankful my problems are what they are.  After seeing the evening news lately I know my family is blessed.  Gary has a job.  We aren't rich, but not poor either.  We have our health.  I am able to stay home with our kids. We are surrounded my wonderful friends and family.  I know the things I go through are bad when I'm in it, but since they aren't really that big of a deal I don't dwell on them.  

Knowing so many people lost their lives in Colorado makes me see fighting over the price of shampoo is a non-issue.  I'm thankful I can keep life in perspective even when it seems hard. 


Traci said...

I hate days like that but you're right about a good cry. I had a frustrating week & based on things that happened I'm scared this week will be more of the same. Trying to have a good attitude but it's hard.

123 said...

Sorry to hear you had one of those days. I know how it feels. :) J and I don't argue much either, but when we do, it is almost always about something silly and ridiculous to get fired up about. A night out and a good cry are exactly what we all need sometimes.

the underhill's said...

Hope you had a great weekend!!