Wednesday, July 18, 2012

word-full wednesday

It is officially that time of summer.  The time where I miss my blogging friends because I am so busy with the kids I haven't made the time to check on my friends and read their updates.  If you are a blogger you probably know what I mean.  Having two kids home 24-7 is amazing.  I love their sweet little faces, but I also love when they go to school so I have a second to myself.  I just want to say I miss you all so much and I do read when I can.  There are so many new twitter friends I have made that also have blogs and I can't wait to read them.

Today is Layla's 2nd day at golf camp and I'm pretty sure she is loving it.  She practiced her swing last night in the backyard and I already think she is better!  I am so happy for her.

It helps that a few of her buddies are attending the camp too.  Everything is better when you get to be with friends.  Since I mentioned friends I must mention that I had a fun time this morning too.  I got to visit with a few mommy friends while the kids were golfing.

Us moms did lots of chatting and had coffee.  Hayden and his friend played monster trucks on the golf course patio.  It was a win-win!

Anybody's kids have super sensitive ears?  Hayden hates loud noises.  He doesn't like the swimming pool because it is loud.  He despises public toilets because they flush too loud.  If someone is squealing or screaming near him he will get up and leave.  I remember Layla having sensitive ears and she outgrew it, but he hasn't outgrown it yet.  Bless his heart.  It drives me bonkers.  At first I thought he might have a hearing problem.  I remember last summer when I had that horrible ear infection my hearing was super amplified.  Nope, his hearing is good.  He just has sensitive ears.

I miss reading recipe blogs and researching new recipes.  I am such a recipe nerd and I could read recipes for hours!  I'm excited about a recipe exchange Jenn {one of my dearest friends} is bringing back. You heard me right....bon appetite is back!  Starting next Tuesday we can link our blogs to her site to share our favorite recipes!

bon appetite

Have I mentioned iCloud on the blog before?  I love it.  Gary and I share an iCloud account, so we share a photo stream and I can see his photos and he can see mine.  If he is out of town traveling and he takes pictures of the scenery I can see those pics.  {as long as his is connected to wi-fi}  I have our photo stream set up to my Picasa account also.  When I open Picasa on my PC the pics will load right up and I can edit them.  I also have them linked to my online Picasa Web account so they are uploaded to the internet and I'm able to put them right on my blog.  I am no pro at iCloud.  I have played around with it to figure all this out, but I LOVE IT.  It makes my life so much easier.  The number one thing I like the most:  my pics are on private albums on the web.  If my computer crashes my pics are safe.  I may be in trouble if Picasa ever goes away though.  Let's just not think about that.  I have pictures stored there from YEARS past.

Check out Sipes and I.  I created this crazy effect with one of the many photo apps I have on my iPhone.  Isn't it the coolest?  I am almost as addicted to editing photos with my silly iPhone apps as I am reading recipes.  I could play with Instagram for hours.  But I also like these:

Let me know if there are any other fun photo apps I need to know about!

Now, I think I will pick up my Layla bug from a crafting birthday party and hit the swimming pool.   A late afternoon swim sounds just about right on this steaming hot Wednesday afternoon!!


Jenn Getts said...

im the same way girl!
i feel like ive missed so much of my fav bloggers this summer!!

thanks for linking back to Bon appetite :o)
i'm excited to get this going again!!

Traci said...

I had such a crazy week last week that I'm totally behind in all my blog reading!