Monday, July 16, 2012

our weekend

Sunday we had Gary's mom and sister over to celebrate the kids birthday's.  The kids requested cheeseburgers!

It ended up being a great day!  The clouds moved in and cooled us off!

I didn't get many pictures, but this one above captured our day.  We ate and laughed and played outside.

The kids loved our homemade griddle burgers.
{we cooked them outside so we didn't dirty up the kitchen}

They loved the weather even more!

Hayden took Layla on a ride around in the backyard.  Eventually it sprinkled a bit and they were catching rain drops in their mouths.  They make me laugh every day and they teach me so much.

Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things!


Kelli W said...

Homemade burgers are always so yummy! We've never done them on the griddle before...that's a great idea. I hate making burgers in the house because they make such a huge mess so we only have them when we use the grill.

Traci said...

What a fun day! It looks like the kids had a blast.