Wednesday, October 30, 2013

first world problems and one year

I am so irritated with my laptop right now.  

I usually use iCloud and have all my photos from my phone uploaded to Picasa and then to private web albums for storage.  I then post blog posts from my laptop.  I can't get my pictures to upload to iCloud and I can't find my memory card for my Canon camera.  I lost it.  In all my years of having a camera I've never lost the card.  I'm so sad because the fall leaves look amazing right now.   I think Lily ate the card, and I'm not following her around for a week to retrieve a memory card.  

Why the whining?  

To me it looks like all my pictures are blurry when I post from my phone.  I don't get it.  It's a real bummer.  I have deleted iCloud and reinstalled it.  I have reinstalled Picasa.  I'm so over this tech business.  

I got a new phone and ended up losing all my contacts because I accidentally deleted iCloud.  SCREAMMMMMM!  Whatever you do, don't get comfortable with something, because before you know it, it will change.  

I WILL get my blogging system back down.  I love my laptop and I don't want to journal from my phone anymore.  I want to edit the pics and make them fun.

I can't take the time to get my computer figured out because every waking moment I am not trying to raise two kids and two dogs I am scanning, email and/or faxing things to Texas for the closing of our house there.  The gosh darn house had substantial water damage and so we've been dealing with the insurance company to get that repaired.  Construction is underway.  Seriously, were talking all new walls, tile, carpet and even kitchen cabinets.  Big time issues going on down there in Tejas.   We are trying to close and be done with it all in November and now the HOA is being all weird about HOA dues.  I am so over this two household business.  It's a pain in my butt.  Once it's all over I am throwing a party, but I'll be to tired to actually follow through do it.   I could write a book about how crappy the whole situation has been.  It's ridiculous.

I've been dealing with this for over a year.  Yes!  We have lived here one year on November 1st!!  It's so exciting.  I look back and think about what an amazing year it has been.  We've met some awesome people and I am so thankful for every single person I have met.  It's been a blast!

Also I am thankful to not be complaining about our first house here anymore.  If you didn't know I hated that house with a purple passion.  It was all in the plan and it made me super thankful for what I have now.  I am finally in a place where I want to stay for awhile.  We don't own this house, but we are making it home and making some pretty fun memories here.  The thought of buying a home right now makes me want to vomit.  I'll just do fun decorative things to make this place OUR home.  I'm so thrilled to decorate for Christmas!

And now I am off to try to figure out my laptop. :-) 


Traci said...

I'm over all the tech business too! It just annoys me. I'm not tech savvy AT ALL! Hopefully, all of your house stuff will be over soon!

Amanda said...

When we updated to the new operating system 90% of our phone pictures became blurry.