Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our {Halloween} weekend

Trick or Treat was on Saturday night!  It was so fun to see all our kids dressed up.

Layla and Hayden were thrilled to look extra spooky on Saturday night. The face paint made their costumes so fun. They dressed up for school on Friday, but we didn't do makeup.

Gary and I dressed up in our best ugliest sweaters and participated in an ugly sweater contest. It was hilarious!

Sunday was the kids last day of soccer. It was bittersweet. I'm glad our weeks will slow down, but I'm sad because we'll miss all our teammates.

Hayden was thrilled to get a trophy!!

Sunday night we relaxed with friends and ate grilled salmon and beef tenderloin. Oh my goodness, the salmon tasted like butter.

We ended our weekend with a bonfire. It was chilly on Sunday night and the fire was perfect.

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Traci said...

Fun! We had trick or treat on Halloween night & it stormed all night. There were a ton of soggy trick or treaters!!