Friday, October 18, 2013

weekly review in pictures


I love driving around town this time of year.  It's beautiful.  

I am looking for a bench for our entryway in our house.  I decided to go to all the thrift stores and antique malls to see if I can find a cute older one I can redesign.  I didn't have any luck, but I sure had fun shopping. 


I was busy Tuesday catching up on house cleaning and laundry.  While browsing Pinterest I saw this.  Don't we all browse n clean?  But WOW to this quote.  It's powerful to me.


Wednesday night I hosted "girls night in ~in our pj's."  We had fun playing games and eating homemade ranch dressing with anything we could dip in it.  I made brownies too.  They will be the death of me.  I love brownies.


Thursday was a rainy day.  It rained all day long and into the evening so soccer practice was cancelled.  Hayden was happy because he wanted to stay home and color.  I have no idea what has come over him, but Layla loves his recent love for coloring.  She loves to color and always has!  So they colored right up until bed time.


Lily got bored and decided to eat the rug in our entryway.  I need a bench and a rug now.  I did a little searching for a rug, but I'm not really exactly sure what I want.  I'll keep looking.   

Since I mentioned Lily...she is in the picture above.  She is mad at the squirrels who taunt her daily.  They know she won't run after them so they look her in the eyes and eat their walnuts all rude like.  Anyway, look at the yellow tree.  It's so pretty.

Ok, that sums up our week.  Our weekend will be filled with soccer both on Saturday and Sunday. 

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