Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tired, sore and full, but happy!

Is it just me, or do all moms and dads fall onto the couch in the evenings with exhaustion? I'm so tired at the end of the day. I thought once the kids got older and could do more for themselves I would have more energy. Um no.

I thought once both kids were in school all day long I'd have more time to do many things. I'M BUSIER THAN EVER. It's a good thing, to be busy and have a full life. But dang I'd love to have the brain power in the evening to write some interesting blog posts. I know posting about our day to day activities doesn't always make the most interesting read.

I'm recording life though so it is perfect for now.

Also, I'm so sore. I workout hard three days a week and sometimes run on a ransom whim if I don't workout. However, I ran chasing after the kids at the Fun Run Saturday night and my shins are still killing me. It is Wednesday. They are so sore. What in the world? It's seriously the craziest thing.

Another crazy thing.....

We ate out at a restaurant twice yesterday. Once for lunch just Gary and I, and once for dinner. Layla has dance class on Tuesday night and Gary and I like to take Hayden to dinner all by himself. He enjoys the alone time with us and Layla loves getting TO-GO food from a restaurant after dance class. The point....

I feel yuck this morning. As in puffy eyes and swollen hands. I had chips and salsa, a cheese enchilada and a little bit of beans and rice for lunch. For dinner Gary and I had appetizers, 3 wings and shrimp and we split a turkey wrap. Blah...I just feel yucky eating that much junk that I didn't prepare. My body lately likes meat, veggies and beans. I'm learning to let go of the pasta, bread and potatoes because I just feel better.

I feel like this post is all about age, who's with me here?? How does it take us 30 something years to realize our bodies talk to us? Why do I finally enjoy working out and eating right?

My body is screaming: yuck to that food, don't run on the street like that without stretching and GO TO BED YOU'RE TIRED.

Maybe it finally took this long for me to listen! My body has been screaming at me for years. I'm just finally smart enough to listen. Honestly this age thing isn't too bad and apparently with age comes randomness.

How's this for a super random word-full Wednesday morning blog post?

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Amanda said...

You know how older people in your life would always have advice that you kind of brushed off when you were young? Well now that im older I remember my pop pop always quoting "Youth is wasted on the young" and now i finally know exactly what that quote means!

Traci said...

I know what you mean. I eat crap & feel like crap but for some reason I haven't quite figured out the part of remembering how crappy I feel so I don't eat the crap!