Thursday, September 18, 2014

real life

This is how these two munchkins looked this morning before school.  They were peppy and silly and ready for a great day.  It's a shame their clothes aren't a little brighter!

This is Layla walking home after school for the second time.  The first time she wasn't frowning.  She's frowning because she forgot her Science folder and had to go back to school to get it.  She wasn't happy about it and that is why her face looks grumpy. 

 After school can be tough around our house, how about yours?  There is no air conditioning in the school and the kids get so hot.   I understand why they can be a bit snippy after a hot day at school.

Hayden is sad because he fell at recess playing soccer and he had to tell me all about his injured knee.  He said he didn't cry when it happened.  He said it didn't hurt at the time, but it hurt when he got home.  Ahhhh!  Sweet boy.  Sometimes a hug from momma can make skint knees feel much better.  That and ice cream before homework...that always helps too!

I sure do love these kiddos, forgotten folders and skint up knees included.  I'm so happy I can be here at home for them when they need me after those hot school days.  I will never take my job as a mom for granted!

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