Monday, January 19, 2015

homework homework and more homework

this is what most afternoons look like when the kids get home from school

we pop popcorn and eat snacks and DO HOMEWORK

Daisy waits for the popcorn to fall onto the floor

it is homework for me as much as it is for them

i keep my laptop handy so i can google stuff

i really have to google stuff

homework is hard for me and for them

we are into fractions and inertia in fourth grade

we are working on math facts and nouns, verbs and adjectives in first grade

thankfully we have come up with a great routine

we found a way to stay organized and that makes a big difference while settling in to do homework after school

not having a pencil or paper or the weekly classroom newsletter makes for a chaotic homework event

no one has time for cranky unorganized homework time

the kids are already tired after a long day at school so being organized pays off for our family

I am thankful I get to be home with the kids while they do homework

it isn't always fun, but we make the best of it!

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