Monday, November 23, 2015

go carts, rope course and games

We went on a fun adventure to ride go carts!

Hayden was so proud to take his very own helmet!  I'm so happy he could use it.

The kids had a fun time flying around the track.  Hayden went fast and Layla was more consevative like her momma.

Layla rode with me and she was annoyed by how slow I went. ha!

Gary and Hayden zipped around the track and ended up getting into a minor collision.  I knew it would happen.  They're such dare-devils. 

Layla got all tethered up and headed up to the ropes course.  She was so brave and rocked that thing.  

We watched the virtual pirates movie. When the kids told me it was a roller coaster feel I was scared I'd barf, but it was so fun.  We shot all the pirates as they tried to attack us.

What a fun day with friends!  We're so blessed!

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