Tuesday, November 3, 2015

movie time!

The kids didn't have school today, so last night we went to Movie Tavern to see Goosebumps.

Guess who got scared and left the movie right in the middle??  Not me, but I took the scared rabbit to the lobby where we sat at the bar and had a cup of ice water.  Good grief, and then HE put the movie on his Christmas list and wants to see the rest of the show.  I have to admit a garden gnome invasion was a little creepy y'all!  And that's all I'll say about the movie.

We were shopping and these two sillies were touching the candy at the checkout line.  Why do kids insist on touching stuff all the time?  Ages 10 and 7 and still grabbing candy from the huge assortment on the checkout line shelves. And you think they had outgrown that...NOT! ;-)

  They have bags of Halloween candy and they still insist on asking for us to buy them more candy. Lordy Lordy.  Of course I used this as a time to snap a few pictures of these silly faces!  

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