Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All kinds of feet & toes

I am blogging today because my husband rocks. He is loaning me a monitor for my desk top computer. My post yesterday was clearly pathetic. I am saving for a lap top. I really want one and will keep the desktop for the kiddos. BUT purchasing a new monitor would use some of my laptop fund.


My friend Crystal over at What are we Doing? is sending me a monitor and it should be here tomorrow. She is wonderful...really wonderful!

And so my blogging addiction can go on ;)

Speaking of Crystal, she recently launched her photography website Happy Feet. She is a fabulous photographer, and has been taking amazing pictures for many years. If you are here in Texas or visiting and want a superb job...call her up!

You MUST check out her website by clicking here.

Speaking of feet, mine are not too happy lately

My apologies in advance for the feet about to be shown in this post. If you have a fear of feet...hit the big red X on the top right hand corner. This is pretty graphic.

I have never lead anyone to believe that I am coordinated. I did play some sports in high school, and enjoy working out, (did I say enjoy?) but that is about it. I hurt myself all the time, and it seems that since I have had children I just get more off balance. Ha...I know what you are thinking...stop it now. Off balance.

When I was about 4 months (Feb 2009) pregnant with Hayden we moved Layla's room from what is now the playroom/den to her new room. We were transforming our guest bedroom into the nursery and just flip flopping the whole house.

We moved a sofa into the playroom, and I acted as though I did see it. It is a large sofa...salmon in color and really hard to miss. But yes I did manage to slam my foot into it. REally hard. So hard that I was limping for weeks!!! No joke. and you know how pregnant women waddle anyway. So that took FOREVER to heal. I didn't seek medical treatment even though I know for sure I had two broken toes, the pinkie and ring toe. Ha...ring toe.

The day before the 4th of July 2009 I kicked another sofa. This one would be large, leather and brown. Again...same left foot. REALLY?!?!? I couldn't really even enjoy the 4th of July festivities. I wasn't able to get on the water slide with all the other wild adults. So I just sipped my drink which really helped with the pain. So it took about 8 weeks to heal, and I finally felt great again. I wore tennis shoes and could do the 30 Day Shred again...YAY me.

Until this past weekend.


I went out with the girls, and had a fabulous time. We got home and I forgot there was a sink/cabinet in Shelby's guest bathroom. I mean who puts a sink in the bathroom. Yep...kicked it and once again I am hobbling around. I tried to do the 'Shred' this morning...nope. Not happening.

My toe is really deformed. It kind of just hangs over in left field. I think I may have to get it checked this time. I hurt the SAME foot. Not cool.

NOT normal

A pair of 'steel toe' boots are in my immediate future ;)


Alli said...

Oh this post made me laugh! Not at you, but at how much I have done the same thing. I have not had the same effects with my toes though. You really need to have it looked at...that ain't good my friend!

Kelli said...

You poor thing. I hurt the same foot all the time. I am always tripping over something. I hope you heal quickly. Ouch.

Kelli W said...

I love the normal and not normal pics! Too funny! I dropped something on my foot when I was pregnant with my second child and I refused to go to the doctor because I didn't think they would give me medicine for the pain!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Bummer about the toe... just make sure and get some cute steel toe boots. Ha!

I love your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine. I'm your 30th follower now! yay!

Have a blessed day,

beckylbranch said...

Oh no! That is no good...you may need to get some steel toe shoes :)

Lyryn said...

You are silly... feet are feet! I love my feet, but I still have something wrong with them! People like to tell my they are too fat. Oh well, I don;t think your feel look that bad at all. ;)

Emily said...

ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!!!!!! I'm a total klutz, so I definitely feel for you!

Tanielle said...

OUCH!!!! Your feet still look pretty cute to me, and your polish is fabulous and happy!:-) Hope it heals quickly!!