Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's all about the boy

Hayden Cole is turning into quite the little character. If he were in school right now I think he'd be the class clown. He is so fun and full of personality. He is always making us laugh. He does not say much…a 'mamma' here and a 'mamma' there, and that is about it. He does manage to get his point across…if you know what I mean. HC lets us know what he wants and when he wants it!

I think she went...

that way!

He totally over exaggerates his head nods. Yes & No are quite funny to see. He nods with such enthusiasm, his whole body shakes. As he is trying to touch something he knows he isn’t supposed to, I say No no!! He then shakes his head really fast left to right. He knows he isn’t supposed to do it, but he is testing the waters. And usually touches anyway.

If I look at it maybe it will move!

or I can just scream at it! (I promise he has shirts!)
Hayden is so busy. He is into anything that isn’t locked up. Once he gets into something he is loud about it, banging and hammering things together. For the love of pete…my house is crazy. He kicks balls, and tosses them around the house. He even pushes Layla around on one of his ride on toys! He is a strong little man. It is always a fight to change his diaper. He is so busy getting into everything, that he has NO time for a diaper change. I have to chase him and hold him down to change him. It is so funny to see him do the Frankenstein run.

He does the same Frankenstein run around in the backyard like a mad man. He loves to be outside, and is loving the slide. He tries so hard to climb up the slide. He has gotten half-way up, and then usually falls down only to try again.

My sweet little guy loves to give kisses. They are open mouth slobbery wet kisses, but oh so sweet. For the longest time he wouldn’t kiss Layla. But he did and I captured it on camera and posted it yesterday on Wordless Wednesday. He is the sweetest busiest boy ever. I am amazed everyday at the differences in my two children. They are like night and day. I love them each so much and am very thankful for my silly, happy & healthy kids!


Hayden is a great eater. He loves to eat anything and everything in sight. He loves juice and can drink a juice box faster than anyone I have ever seen. If he had it his way he would drink them all day every day. He has 3 bottom teeth and a molar pushing through, and 4 top teeth with a molar pushing through. Teething is hard work and makes him super cranky!! He has some cranky days, and evenings are more cranky than any other time of day. Evenings in our house are crazy, but I can usually calm him down with a bath. He loves taking a bath and cries when I take him out of the tub...he loves to splish and splash.

Hayden has a terrible temper. Gary took a balloon away from him the other night. Holy Moly!! He was in a seated position on the floor and threw himself backwards. He was shocked because his head hit the tile floor. I was freaking out, because the other times he has done that he hit the carpet. Hopefully he learned his lesson. If Layla takes a toy from him he screams loudly and chases her. I can always tell when they are fighting by the tone of his shrieks!

That is an update on Hayden who will be 14 months old tomorrow!!


Theta Mom said...

14 months, so exciting! Adorable pictures. My daughter is turning 12 months in a few days! Woo Hoo! Just found your blog from Powell Power and it's so cute! Looking forward to reading more. :)

Lyryn said...

Oh my word... he so is. How fun! Love the pictures

Kelli said...

I think he and Caleb will get along fine...except the eating part.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

So sweet. I loved that age.

shortmama said...

My Layla sounds like your Hayden!!!

jenn w/ 2 n's said...

Those first pictures look like the poses silly boys do when they're flexing their muslces. Pointing or looking at their watch and trying to make all the muscles come out. Knowing GS, he'll probably teach him to say things like "Do you have a first aid kit? Cuz I'm CUT!!" Then strike a big body builder pose. Ha! Love the pics!!

Bonnie said...

Hey! I saw your blog through my sisters blog. Your kids & doggies are so cute! I am expecting our first (a baby boy) at the beginning of the year & I can't wait to find out what Becky is having. Take care :)


Emily said...

Awe, look at that sweet face at the end. What a cutie-patootie! And slobbery baby kisses are the BEST kind!