Thursday, September 17, 2009

A ladybug, chairs, more chairs & the wagon

Layla is on her 3rd week of preschool and she is having a ton of fun, and most importantly learning many new things! There is a huge change in her daily structure at school this year. Last year it seemed like the kids played more. This year they have different stations with activites for math, art, science and reading.
I was feeling crafty and needed a simple task. So...

I got out my handy dandy iron and added this lovely ladybug to this simple black shirt. I found the shirt at Target (of course) for $2.88. The ladybug iron on was $1.49 at Hobby Lobby!
Woohoo! $4.37 for a fun new shirt. It wasn't hard, and I shouldn't even call it a craft, but it was all the 'craft' I had time for.
Layla put on the new ladybug shirt one morning with jeans and said
"I am not so much into dresses anymore, mommy!"
Well all-righty then.
She insists on dressing herself everyday for school and I am good with that!

Hayden & Layla have their share of fights over toys and chairs, but they also have really started to enjoy hanging out together. Hayden loves the wagon, and I really like it when he holds on. He has fallen out several times. Layla would have been in tears at his age if she fell out of the wagon. HC~ he thinks it is funny. Oh me, Oh my!
I'm going to age very fast with this wild boy!!

Layla is loving riding her bicycle. I don't know if you can tell, but on the other side of the fence is a sidewalk/green-belt that we LOVE! Families from all over the neighborhood travel this lovely sidewalk from house to house all year 'round. It winds (spelling doesn't look right) all though the neighborhood from the park to the pool and beyond. We love it, and I really enjoy feeling safe playing on it instead of the front of our house. Our street isn't overly busy, but I still get nervous when the kids play out front with just me watching them. Every once in awhile a crazy driver will fly down the street and I get annoyed with that. The green-belt is amazing and it is much more comfortable for the kids to play on since the weather is much cooler!

Since the holiday season is coming up, which I am SUPER excited about~ I have been snapping shots of the kids as often as I can for a possible Christmas card picture. I love bath time pictures. When the kids have wet hair I think they look identical! This isn't a good example of that, but I thought this one was cute of just their little faces...oh how I love those faces!

Hayden is really into chairs ~ have you noticed?
He likes to climb into them, fall out of them, ram his head onto the back of them while seated, and

stand in them.

Layla is into blogging!
She is all set up right next to me in the office with her glass of water. Ready for 'work'


shortmama said...

I love that shirt!! I am going to have to check out the iron-ons next time I go to Hobby Lobby because my girls would love those!

jenn w/ 2 n's said...

Wow! Look at Ms Sassy Pants in that first picture!! I can totally see you making that face! HA! You're becoming such a great photographer!! My little point & shoot camera got jacked since I live in the hood. Maybe I need to invest in a nice one this time. One that I won't forget's in my car. Happy Thursday!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

I LOVE that shirt!! It is absolutely adorable! What a fun idea!! :)

Christie said...

I love how Layla has her lil desk right next to you to do her own work. My son does the same thing. When I"m working on my "homework"...he is too. =)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

The pictures are so cute! And great job with the budget friendly shirt craft!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

hilarious... I need to get on my upcoming holiday photo taking too...

Heather said...

your kiddos are so cute and that Layla, oh I could eat her up! Glad she is liking preschool!

Kelli said...

Great job on the shirt. I love ladybugs...not real ones but on shirts and other things. Jamison and Caleb are the same way with working together more (in between the fights) and she loves to pull him in the wagon. I love the tub picture and the one of Layla in front of her computer...I always have a cup of water too!