Monday, April 26, 2010

Muddy weekend Recap

Saturday we did the garage sale all morning.  I lost about 5 hours of my life.  It was SO busy.  People come out of the wood works for the garage sale in our neighborhood.  We were swamped with shoppers and Layla & Hayden were here too.  They were great, and acted like gems, but it is hard to juggle it all.

Sometimes I wonder why I do garage time 
I'm not...I'm gonna go shopping!!

The rest of the weekend we worked around the house and played ALOT!

Layla helped me in the flower beds.  
She picked out some flowers and they are hers to water and grow for the season.  

She is so excited about the responsibility.

Don't you just love this festive blue pot?  
I found it at home depot :)

I made homemade salsa to help clear mine & Gary's allergies.  The wind was crazy strong, whipping around all weekend.  My head is still congested from all that the wind blew in.  

The salsa worked... and is so tasty.  

There is just something about homemade salsa.  Mmmmm :)

And it wouldn't be a normal day in our household if someone wasn't wet and muddy!

Every time we are outside lately the kiddos find a water hole 
of some sort and just get drenched.

This is the dogs water bowl.

 Hayden is thinking...

What are you doing? 

let me try that!!

And he's back up, searching for another water hole =)

Did you have a good weekend? 

Did you play in the mud?


Kelli W said...

My boys can find the smallest mud holes in our yard too...and then get filthy in them! It has been SUPER windy here too. I tried to spray paint something today, but the wind was just not cooperating:) Is salsa recipe on you blog? I really should try looks way better than the canned stuff we have!

Anonymous said...

Hope you made lots of money at your garage sale (the only good thing about having them!)

It was rainy here much of the weekend, and when it wasn't raining - yup - my boys found lots of mud!! Then I put out a basin of water for them to clean up in before coming in!

Unknown said...

Now THAT is a busy weekend... I love the pictures of the kiddos... mine always manage to get dirty and wet too... what's up with that!?
Did the salsa really work for you to help with allergies? I have some mega seasonal allergy issues and could use some alternative relief!!

Jamie Lynn said...

I love the blue pot- gonna have to get one too! Cute pics from the mud! My daughter loves the puddles too!

Heather said...

I am loving that blue pot, it is so festive!! I need that salsa recipe, please share!!

Unknown said...

first off: i want that salsa recipe :o)
thanks friend


yes, my boys purposely go out of their way to step IN the mud puddle or water puddle!!!

oh, i wish we lived would and i would get along great!!!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I love how Hayden wants to copy his big sis, such a cutie pie.

Your salsa looks great!!

I cannot stand garage sales, or at least, putting them on. They're pretty fun to shop at.

Your blog design is fantastic, love it.

I had a great weekend, we went to the lake.

I'm having a giveaway...come check it.

Hope your sinuses are clearing up more now...


Kelli said...

I escaped having muddy kids on Sunday because Caleb was sleeping while the other kids were in the mud (we were at a friends house). Whew! Did you get rid of a lot for your garage sale?