Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chicken Tacos

When I think of tacos I think of a crispy corn taco shell filled with spicy ground beef, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese maybe sour cream and salsa too.  I had never had a taco any other way...until recently.  And I have to say I have been missing out. 

While meal planning I was browsing some of my favorite recipe websites.  I found this slow cooker recipe and that is why I decided to make it. I love my slow love love it!  It is wonderful for busy moms :) The chicken tacos turned out tender and NOT dry.  I always struggle with cooking chicken because I over cook it. In my opinion slow cooking chicken is the best!!

Here is the link, and I am posting how i did it below.  I made a few changes.

I didn't take photos though, so the pic is from Betty

2 lbs of bone in chicken thighs. I removed the skin myself.
(I think cooking with the bone in chicken pieces makes the meat more tender.)
1 packet of taco seasoning mix
1 Tablespoon of brown sugar
1 can of chopped green chiles (4.5 oz)
1 can of enchilada sauce (10 oz)
1 can of mexi corn
1 package of taco shells
fresh diced yellow onion
your favorite salsa

Spray slow cooker with cooking spray or use a slow cooker liner.  Place chicken thighs in cooker.  Sprinkle with taco season and brown sugar. Mix in green chiles, corn and 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce.

Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours.

Remove chicken from slow cooker and de-bone.  I use two forks to shred the meat.

Stuff the shredded chicken into warmed taco shells and top with your favorite taco toppings.

You should add it to your recipe collection for sure :)


Annie said...

yummy!!! i need to remember to add some mexi-corn to my grocery list so i can have it on tacos. these chicken tacos sound and look so good!!

L said...

oh my gosh...what a crazy coincidence! I just put my "dinner" in the crockpot and guess what, I'm making the same thing! Ha! Not using that same exact recipe though, so hoping it comes out yummy like yours did!

shortmama said...

Yummy! Tacos are a fave around our house!

Kelli W said...

Yum! These sound great! I always seem to overcook my chicken too. I think it is because I'm scared that I will undercook it. I may need to pull out my crock pot and give this one a try:)

jules said...

That sounds absolutely delicious. I've never heard of making tacos like that.

texasmacks said...

I think you just help make some of my grocery list this week!

Kelli said...

You always have such great recipes and I love that this uses the crock pot. Yum!!!

jennykate77 said...

Sounds delicious!! I love using my crock-pot, so I'll definitely write this one down and give it a try!!

Hope you've had a great week!! Enjoy your weekend!♥

P.S. How's the house coming along? I'm going to try to do an update next week sometime!

Shannon said...

Thank you thank you! This is going on next week's menu...I'm a fool for anything Mexican! Yum!