Monday, November 29, 2010

happy monday morning...

To ya!!

I am loving the breeze blowing into my house right is sunny but breezy and really is just a perfect day.  We are supposed to get rain, but I don't think it will happen.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving week.  I am so sad the kids had to go back to school.  We were loving playing and spending time with friends & family.  It was amazing....I can't wait until the kids are out for Christmas break!

This little girl is so silly.  She makes me laugh so hard!  Kids are so impressionable y'all!  On Friday night we watched the Taylor Swift special.  It was on Thursday, but we were too tired to stay up to watch it. We love our DVR!!  But, ever since Layla saw TS with a sweater that was 'off the shoulder' she has been walking around with all the necks of her shirts stretched out.  Gary and I try not to giggle every time, but it is just too cute.

I love that Layla sees singers and actresses on TV.  I want her to see everything she can.  I will shelter her from some things, but you are exposed to so much.  It is our jobs as parents to explain the things the kids don't understand.  Why hide the world from our kids?  We should parent them and explain things they don't understand.  When my friends and family talk rude about singers and movie stars it drives me NUTS!  They are people too.  If your best friend wrote a song and sang it would you go around saying they are a horrible singer.  Probably not.  So what gives people the right to talk smack about people they don't even know. 
 Ok, sorry!  Off my soapbox.  Who is anyone to judge anyone else?? I'm not saying I don't judge people, I do, and I shouldn't and I am working on NOT doing it.

My Auntie has been asking what the kids want for Christmas.  So you know what I did??  I took the kids to Walmart toy section and let them look.  When they saw something they liked I snapped a pic with my iPhone.  I downloaded them and will email the pics to my Auntie.  How cool is that?  I thought I was pretty clever :)

Hayden really wants this.  Even though we already have one a Mrs Potato head.  Sheesh!

(from Food

Do you get the daily email from The Food Network "12 Days of Cookies"?  I do and I love it and am so excited about it!   I  love to see what cookies are getting baked up for the season!  I'm sure I will bake many batches of cookies between now and Christmas.  Layla loves to decorate sugar cookies.  Mmmm and they taste so good.  And this little guy loves to eat cookies....

Do you eat turkey and dressing for Christmas?  I try to do a different menu.  I'm thinking enchiladas this Christmas...we shall see.  I don't like to make the same thing within a few weeks.  BUT I have had so many people ask about my cornbread dressing recipe.  So, just in case you are having dressing for Christmas I am posting my dressing recipe this week if you want to use it.  It is pretty easy and it is Gary's grandmothers recipe combined with my family's recipe.

And I am off to the store for a few things while the kids are in school,
 AND I need to wrap some gifts to put under the tree. I hope you weren't too bored with the random Monday post...but it is what is going on around this house today :)


Shannon said...

Love the pics of your kiddos, as usual! We never do the whole turkey and ham thing again for Christmas. My dad always cooks a huge Italian meal of spaghetti and meatballs, I love it! Trying hard to finish up my shopping in the next week or so! GG's still too young to tell us what she wants and will probably just play with the boxes! Gotta love this age! Take care, A and happy Monday!

Kelli said...

Seeing Layla made me think of Flashdance...too cute! I will be having turkey and dressing again for Christmas because I love it that much. We usually stay home so I either order a turkey or my in laws make one for me (they deep fry it). I love the idea of snapping just what they! I'll be here and ready to see all of the yummy cookies that you make.

Emily said...

Layla is such a funny little girl...I love when kids do things like that! I want to bake cookies!

Jill said...

Is there a single little girl out there that doesn't just love Taylor Swift? My daughter does too. I actually think she's a great role model. Love how your daughter is wearing her shirts! HA!! Too cute! I forgot to DVR that. Bummer.

Kelli W said...

Layla is just too cute! My boys don't know much about anything going on in the pop culture world, but I think that is just because they are boys and really don't care! I love to bake cookies during the holidays. I found a great gingerbread recipe that we make little gingerbread boys out of every year:) Eli is loving all the Toy Story stuff...he got mad at me today for making him put back a Buzz at Toys R Us!

Traci said...

Layla is just too cute with her off the shoulder tops!!! For the last several years my hubby has cooked seafood gumbo for Christmas dinner. We're doing that again but I'm going to get my mom to make her cornbread dressing because I love it so much!!