Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the peaceful and quiet country

A few weeks ago we went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in what I like to call the country.  They live on a piece of property off the beaten path.  It is a wonderful quiet spot and I love to go there and relax. And an added bonus...my cousin was there too!  

 I am no photographer, but I do like to take shots here and there.  I took a few pictures, and I also took a ton of the kids.  They have so much fun in the country.  There is so much to explore.  

***I am warning you...picture overload below***

This is my favorite picture that I took from that weekend.  You know me and my obsession with fences.

I love this picture of the guys just hanging out on the picnic table. It is no telling what those silly boys are talking about!  I love how they are all wearing blue.

And then Layla & Auntie are heading up to see what the boys are doing.

And a country weekend just wouldn't be complete without some golf.  There is so much country space we usually don't have to worry about broken windows!

This little man wore himself out.  He was bussyyy!

Layla covered every open sidewalk or driveway space with chalk.  That girl loves to write, doodle and draw.

This picture of the changing leaves is priceless!

My little explorer

And when the kids are done playing golf and chalk, lets play with a stick and rope.

They had a ball slinging sticks with a rope attached.  It made me laugh!

Who needs toys?

Layla was loving it!  She was laughing like crazy, doing a ribbon dance routine.

And dad just had to join in on the whole stick and rope thing too.  He is the one trying the rope to the stick.  So he just had to try it out! 

Break time in the hammock.

The break lasted 2.3 seconds.

KP took full advantage of the empty hammock!!

Until Hayden was begging him to "get out and play wif me!"

We had a wonderful time with limited cell phone reception!  Everyone needs a break from technology!  It did me good, but thank goodness my camera worked.  Fun times like these have to be remembered in pictures!


Traci said...

How fun! It looks like the kids had a ball! Thanks for the sweet compliments on my wreaths. I think you could do it if you tried!!

jennykate77 said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures, Angie! My parents live on a farm and I have to agree, being out there is so relaxing.

I really love the fence pic and the one of the fall foliage!

Kelli W said...

That looks like such a great place! I love the first picture! And how funny that the kiddos had so much fun with a stick and rope:) My boys could probably play all day with that too though!

Unknown said...

love the 'fence' picture and the leaves!!!
but, of course my favs are of your kiddos!!!

Kelli said...

That looks like a really lovely time and I'm sure the kids loved having the extra room to run around. I love the picture of the changing leaves.

Unknown said...

What a great time!! I love all the pictures... and you ARE a good photographer :)
I wish I took MORE pictures. I feel like I may just regret that if I don't get on it you know?!

Emily said...

Sigh. The country always looks so peaceful. Of course, the hammock helps with that peaceful feeling too!