Tuesday, July 31, 2012

summer games

Are you watching the Olympics?

We are and I am trying to make a big deal of it so the kids will love it as much as I do.  My favorite sports are gymnastics and swimming.  I just love seeing our American Olympians participate in so many activities.  A sport I didn't think I'd love is archery.  It was so fun to watch and I was rooting for USA!!

I get tears in my eyes every time I hear the national anthem.  It is so awesome to see the home team get so many gold medals.  

I have been cleaning our house like a man woman and the games have been on the entire time.  I'm thinking once I get done with the house cleaning frenzy I am currently tangled in I will google some fun USA crafts for the kids to do.  I think it will help get them all fired up.



Kelli W said...

We missed the opening ceremonies and pretty much the whole weekend because we were camping, but I recorded it all on our dvr so we have been watching a ton of Olympics since Sunday night:) We still have at least 20 hours to watch, but we fast forward through stuff like the bike races and just watch when something interesting happens!

Kelli said...

We are all into the Olympics. We love it!!!

Traci said...

I've always loved the Olympics but there's something about this year. I'm watching it constantly when I'm home & I really just want to stay home all the time & watch!