Thursday, November 8, 2012

adjusting to our new home...

Hey y'all!!  I'm so happy to be typing this blog post from my handy dandy laptop!  I have missed posting from my laptop.  We finally have our At&t network set up.  We all have a Wi-Fi connection and I couldn't be happier.  I realize this makes me a nerd, but typing blog posts on my iPhone just isn't the same.  Blogging (like cooking) is a form of therapy for me!

We are getting all settled.  I have taken one room a day at a time and I'm getting our family settled into our home.  Some things are set up nicely and some things are just were we set them at the time.  I know it will take awhile to get settled in and I'm not going 'all out' because I know we will be moving again soon since we are renting this house.

Layla has attended her new school for two days and she seems to like it so far.  She makes me so proud!  I am currently searching for a new preschool for Hayden.  My plan is to get him into school next week, but whew...I have been on the phone with customer service reps for days.  I just need to relax for a day or two.

The kids seem to be adjusting to our house just fine.  We have all hardwood floors and no carpet.  We have two flights of stairs plus our basement.  They are handling the stairs well so far.  

Gary and I are also adjusting to several things:

1.)  The heaters are natural gas and there are 4 thermostats.  I can't get the whole house heated the same.  Some rooms are cold and others are burning hot.  I know we will get it figured out.  I was spoiled by my house in Texas.  

2.)  Washing clothes in a basement is a new experience for me.  The room with the washer and dryer has a ceiling of pipes.  IT is creepy.  The other parts of the basement are nice.  I've just never had a basement.  

3.)  Cooking with gas is a whole new ballgame for me.  I like it so far, but gas cooks WAY HOTTER than and electric range.  I burned my hand and set a pot holder on fire.  So yea...that's fun.  I'm slowly getting it though.

4.)  We have a detached garage and so far I haven't parked in it.  We need to move a few things around and I'll be able to park my Jeep in there.  The garage is behind our house in the alley.  There is really only parking for one car.  So Gary will always park on the front street.  It's all really different, but once a gain nothing we can't handle.

Daisy Mae has gotten into trouble for eating garbage.  She was in the backyard today and tore into a trash bag.  She has never acted like a scavenger, and I don't want her to start now.  Once we get our recycle and trash bins this won't be an issue.  She is such a stinker for acting out.  Y'all she stunk so bad I had to give her a bath.

I feel like I could go on and on about our adjustment.  I'm so glad to be able to blog regularly again.  Also I am glad to be able to catch up on my blog friends blogs too.  I have missed blogging and twitter.  I'm excited to get back into a routine all together.  

Everything is so different now.  Before Gary's new job he worked from home and was very much a part of the kids daily lives.  He still is a very active father, but now his office isn't at home.  The kids and I went from having him at home 24-7 to not being at home for almost 12 weeks straight and finally now to him going to a job every day and getting home in time for dinner.  You know?  It's new and exciting.  I love preparing dinner for him when he gets home from a hard days work.

Have a great night!  I am heading to watch Grey's!!!  I have missed my TV shows too!  ;)


Kelli W said...

You are dealing with a ton of different stuff, but it sounds like you are making the most of it! I've never had a basement before either. Sometimes I think it would be neat, but then I remember all the creepy basement stories I've heard and I feel like I'm okay without one:)

Traci said...

Lots of adjustments it sounds like! Dean swears by a gas stove. We'll never own electric. I've always thought it would be cool to have a basement! I never understood the whole detached garage thing in the north. It snows there!!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

wow a huge adjustment all around! you are such a terrific and wonderful wife and mommy that ive bet you made the transition a breeze for ur gang

as for the basement...creepy
as for 4 thermostats...weird
as for gas mine
as for detached garage in way....gary can have the garage...(until snow comes...than i'm back in)

as for gary and working from home and now

i'm spoiled too...b has worked from home since after i had reid...goin on almost 2 yrs and i can't even begin to think what happens when his dad closes the business and b has to find a new job....i'm scared...