Sunday, November 18, 2012

we have a broken heater

We had a really fun weekend filled with friends and fun until this morning....

This morning we thought it was getting pretty cold in our house, but we weren't for sure.  We're still trying to figure out the furnace and all 4 thermostats.  Seriously, it's like a puzzle.

After checking the furnace in the basement we realized our heater wasn't working.  We called our landlord and a few repair men hoping for heat by tonight.  Our landlord is a real peach and never responded to our calls.  The repairmen can't come until tomorrow.  Soooooo..... we are cold.  

I am irritated, but we are making the best of the situation.  We bought a few small heaters for the kids rooms for tonight at Lowe's and we already had another larger electric heater we put in our room.  BUT what a mess and a bummer.  I'm so disappointed.  I tried not to act upset before I put the kids to bed, but I think they know I am sad.  More than anything it is frustrating knowing we rent this house from a jerk.  There are several other things we were promised, but he hasn't delivered.

We knew we needed a laugh to end the day, so we all cuddled up in the playroom and watched Christmas Vacation.  It was the best medicine.  I loved hearing the kids laugh and giggle as loud as Gary and I.

We are making the best of a crappy situation.  I'm sure there are many people in the world that never have a heater.  I'm just thankful we were able to buy small heaters to warm us for the night.  I know moving to this old as dirt house is a learning experience.  I'm gaining character ... right?!? 

I am frustrated, but very thankful our family is together and we are all healthy and happy despite the disappointment. 


Traci said...

That's awful! Why do people have to be so mean?? It's not like you have some trivial request. It's the HEATER! I hope he responds soon.

Todd and Courtney said...

Oh gosh that's so annoying. Jerk landlords are ridiculous. Why even rent the dang house if you don't want to deal with tenants? I hope everything gets sorted out soon for you!