Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We took a few pictures today with our Canon camera.  Look out!  It hasn't gotten much use lately.

  IT was a great day....Our first Thanksgiving in Ohio.

Gary cooked the turkey and it turned out fabulous!

I made dressing and all the sides in the world.

It was a delicious meal.  The kids loved helping us cook.  They are at fun ages for cooking.

I ate so much food I am having a hard time moving tonight.
I can't help it.  Thanksgiving is the one day a year I eat like a mad woman.  I could win an eating contest.  I out ate everyone in this house and I'm not ashamed.  I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday!

We did a little exploring after lunch.  We all needed some exercise after all that eating!

We found this house.  I would love to own the house of seven porches.  Too bad it isn't for sale.   I love porches so much.

The kids had fun playing at the park.  Layla and Hayden are like a bunch of monkeys.  They love the monkey bars!

Daisy Mae went on our walk with us.  She lost her mind chasing squirrels.  She actually thought she was gonna get her one.  Look at this side walk.  It's so cool!

I just love this town.  It is so storybook and gorgeous.  I can't wait until it snows.  I will go crazy with the camera for sure.  Next time we go on a walk I need to take the 'good' camera!  There are so many great photo ops here.

We had a fun day and I am so thankful for all we have and have to look forward to. 

I hope you had a great day!


123 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! This is off topic, but where do your extended families live? Texas? Or elsewhere?

Traci said...

Looks like a great day! For some reason I didn't eat a lot yesterday but today I'm CRAVING leftovers & I'm at work!

Lauren said...

Love! SO glad you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! :)