Friday, November 23, 2012

3D fun

The kids and I went with a group of friends to our local movie theater today.  We saw Rise of the Guardians in 3D.  It was my first 3D movie and it was so super cute.  I loved the movie!!  I also  love that the theater was about 5 minutes from our house.  Everything is so close to home here in our new small town.  It is taking some getting used to, but it isn't hard!

The weather is getting colder here!  Tomorrow the high will be about 39 degrees.  We are planning to go pick out our real Christmas tree tomorrow.  We haven't had a real tree in all the years I've known Gary.  I think it will be so fun!!  I hope when we go pick it out Layla isn't like Audrey on Christmas Vacation!  With a high of 39 we might get cold out there!  

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