Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new clothes, spelling and a wanna be rockstar

Tuesday started with a well rested group.  We all got a good night of sleep last night and started our school week off right!  Layla was so excited to have new 'Ohio' clothes to start a new week of school.

She needed some warmer attire for Ohio, so we did some shopping this weekend. 

She is so sassy!

On Monday's Layla has to write "million dollar" sentences with her spelling words for the week.  It was a challenge for her tonight because it was the first time to do it.  I think she was over thinking her sentences.  She did a good job though.

School is similar to Texas in some ways, but also different.  In Texas 2nd graders don't stack their math problems.  In Ohio they do, so Layla was confused for a day.  She totally gets it now, but just like I have the gas range cooking learning curve...she too has a learning curve.  

I don't think the spelling words are any harder here than in Texas.  Layla is just a wonderful speller.  She made 100 on every spelling test (1st and 2nd grades) in Texas, and here she had last weeks spelling words from Wednesday 'til Friday and she made a 100.  I'm so proud of her spelling abilities because I am NOT the best speller.  We're proud that she kept her 100 streak alive!  Hopefully I don't jinx her...gahhhh!

Hayden and I have our little system down during the day.  For now he is at home with me.  We are visiting a preschool tomorrow, but if we like it he won't start until after Thanksgiving.

I can't wait to visit.

We usually walk Layla to school and then we come home and do some laundry and eat a snack.  It seems like all Hayden wants to do is eat a snack.  The boy loves eating, but I get tired of being his short order cook.  He's gonna eat me out of house and home.  

He helped me unpack the last box today, so we are thankfully free to have fun now!  

Gary had a big meeting today so I knew I wanted to cook a good dinner for him since he would be hungry and tired from working hard.  I made cream cheese chicken in the slow cooker with steamed veggies and almond rice pilaf.  It was so good and we all cleaned our plates.  I know I have said it before, but I'm so thankful to be cooking again!  I just love it.  I'm really hoping to bake some cupcakes or something fun this week.  I'll keep ya posted!  

Hayden was posing for me this morning in front of the school.  He said this is his 'rockstar' pose.  He requested rockstar posters for the ceiling in his bedroom.  Ok.  That is interesting!  I'm not sure exactly what he is talking about, but somehow I know he'll let us know exactly what he wants.

I'm seeing more clearly now and getting into our new routine and it donned on me today that Thanksgiving is next Thursday!!  I can't believe it.  It snuck up on me.  I'm excited and ready to bake some pies and yummy goodies.  

I think the holidays here in Ohio are going to be so fun!


Traci said...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week either! I also haven't even started Christmas shopping.

Unknown said...

You guys look like you are settling in just nicely :) That's awesome that Layla kept her 100 streak alive!! WOOHOO! And that cracks me up that Hayden wants rockstar posters... kids are strange little creatures hey?!

Kelli W said...

Henry is bad about over thinking his homework too! Yay for all 100's on her spelling test! I can't wait to see what kind of yummy things you bake up:)